Club Orange OOH

OOH Campaign

Working as design director with Club Orange, I successfully delivered the first OOH campaign created internally by the brand.

The objective of this campaign was to tap into the feel of the early 1990s. Ireland was a country coming out of recession, Houghton put the ball in the back of the English net and Riverdance captured the imagination of the world.

Ireland had announced itself on the world stage.

The brief for this creative was to mimic the original campaign with new product shots. Careful attention was paid to every detail, from the choice of type and the angle of the composition, to the grainy texture and print quality of the photography.

I directed the shoot over two days with the wonderfully talented Dave Campbell. A further few days was spent on post production, working to emulate the print values of the original campaign.

Client: Britvic
Services: Design, Photoshoot, Design Direction